Sabine Maennel | Python Techdegree at Treehouse

Here you find my project from the Python Techdegree at Treehouse

My year at Treehouse

I was enrolled in the Python Treehouse Techdegree.


Treehouse offers a 6-12 month long Python Tech program. The main seeling point of that program is that you build up a repository of work, that you may showcase to future employers. This work is essentially what I store in this repo.

Full Stack of Webdevelopment: Projects

The practical projects, that were part of this program, cover the range of Full Stack of Webdevelopment in Python:

  1. Pure Python projects (Projects 1-4)
  2. Flask or Django Applications (Projects 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 12)
  3. Flask or Django Apis coupled with an Angular or React Frontend (Projects 10, 11)

Installing Projects

You can install and try all project in a virtual environment

You can download the repo and try install one of the projects, according to its instructions and try it out. They are supposed to all work, even though I am not longer actively working on them. This is why gathered them in one repo all together now, since they are just examples, not active projects.

Below you find them listed with short descriptions.

Pure Python Projects

Project 1: Build a Soccer League

Project 2: Battleship Game

Project 3: Worklog filebased

Project 4: Worklog with a database

Pure Flask Projects

Project 5: Learning Journal with Flask

Pure Django Projects

Project 6: Mineral Catalog with Django

Project 7: User Profile Site

Project 8: Mineral Catalog revisited

Project 9: Improve a Django Site

Project 12: Social Team Builder

Flask APIs

Project 10: TODO List

Django APIs

Project 11: Dog matching Site