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My Coursework

Here I collect the material from the courses I study in. It helps me later to revisit the content for my own work.

Deep Learning


In 2017 I discovered Deep Learning and feel like it this is the future of Machine Learning. I am doing two courses on this: The Coursera Course from Andrew Ng, one of the pioneers in Machine Learning. In paralell I persue the Deep Learning Nanodegree at Udacity. I would say that these two courses are orthogonal to each other. Andrew Ng does a very good job on teaching you everything from scratch, while at Udacity you get kind of the birds eye view whats going on in that area of study overall.

Social Analysis via Data


This was what got me first hooked to Machine Learning: How data can be used for predictions about people, their well being, how it can also be abused. This course was a lot about the role data tends to play more and more in our daily lifes.



Python is used for Machine Learning, but Python is used for so much more. It is one of the most popular computer languages today. I consider it close to a natural language, with all pros and cons that brings. It is not always structured in the most logical way I would prefer, but you can do a lot with it and come close to a tool that helps you shaping your thoughts on programming